Jonathan Scholtes


Stochastic Coder

My Blog: Data science and analytics using R, Python, .NET, NoSQL and other well-suited technologies.


Skills, education and project based experience.

In The Works

I am always working on new ideas – could be a different technology or implementing a familiar technology in a new way.

About Me

Over a decade implementing technical solutions for complex problems
Driven towards success through continual innovation

In the beginning, my professional experience was primarily concentrated on the Microsoft technology stack, such as .Net, MS SQL, BI, SharePoint development and some MS Dynamics Great Plans. Today, however, I apply my past experience as I set forth with R Programming, Python, MongoDB, Neo4j and other solutions aligned towards data quantitative analytics.

I have worked on solutions for industries such as: transportation, energy, education, and healthcare.

  • Application Development

    Design, development and implementation of custom web solutions, back-end server systems, APIs, and desktop applications - running in both Windows and Linux environments.

  • Data Engineer

    Data modeling, extracts, transformations and automatic reconciliation solutions. Architecture of heterogeneous systems.

  • Analytics

    Data wrangling, regression modeling and insight delivery via dashboarding or static reporting.

  • Mentorship

    Technical team leadership roles for >10 years; mentoring and training by example, lunch-n-learns, blogs, training documents and collaboration.

In the works

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